Sunday School  Sunday 9:30 am
Morning Service  Sunday 10:30 am
Mid-Week Service Thursday 6:00 pm

What to expect 

When you arrive at our services you will be greeted with a friendly welcome. 

In addition to our services, Sunday school activities and Children's church we schedule a number of activities throughout the year for our boys and girls. These include evangelistic efforts after school or on weekends, and outings for fun activities and meals. 

Each summer we have a week long activity for youth and teenage. These adventures allow them to learn more of God's word, see God’s creation, make new friends, and have a great time with one another. These activities and groups are open to children aged 4-18.

While we cannot legislate constant good behavior, we do have to have some structure in order to keep ourselves from behaviors and language that we can't allow at church. Thus, we have put requirements in place for all church related youth activities, which are available to parents/guardians during registration or by appointment with Pastor.

We strive in the setting of a proper example from adults, those who help as leaders/teachers, which is expected and appreciated.